Gulp 4″ Minnow

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Check any bream tournament leader board and you are sure to find Gulp! Minnows right up there. The reason is simple, they work! Once an angler masters the flicking, jerking retrieve that imitates a wounded baitfish the Minnow is deadly on just about anything that swim!

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Can be fished effectively throughout the water column from shallow finesse work through to working the bottom using the appropriate Nitro jigheads. Add Gulp! scent and flavour to this winning recipe and you have a  definite must have for any soft plastic tackle kit. Available in a 3 and 4 inch variations and a multitude of colours.

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Smelt, Chartreuse, Rainbow, Pumpkinseed, Nuclear Chicken Glow, Camo, New Penny, Watermelon Pearl, Sardine, Peppered Prawn, Banana Prawn, Pilchard, Disco Prawn, Lime Tiger Glow, Emerald Shiner, Pink Prawn


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